Another Blog!!

Well, they say ‘5th time lucky’, or something like that anyway. The fact is, is that this is my 5th attempt at a blog. I have little doubt that it’ll be just as dull as it’s predecessors and will sit in a darkened corner of the internet where Google bots rarely go.

But I thought i’d give it one last shot, just like my career. I’m at an age where it’s difficult to start a job with any career prospects, as my years make me less likely to be a long term prospect due to retirement, ill health or death. So no company in its right mind will invest in training me to do a job that i’ll only do for a few years. I get that entirely so no hard feelings. But you know, I get bored of doing nothing too easily, so i’ll keep going, looking for fame and fortune until i’m physically unable. And when i’m in the hospice, bed bound and incontinent, i’ll still be on eBay trying to make a few quid!

IMG_1064 job.jpg

So, whats the plan then Dave?  Back in my teens, mum bought me an ‘proper’ camera for christmas. Photography stayed a hobby for a number of years, I went to night school and got some qualifications, some letters after my name and ended up in a little portrait and wedding studio where I rotted away for a handful of years. I have to admit that I produced nothing during those years that I was artistically proud of, in fact I can’t remember any of it if i’m honest. It all went a bit sour (I had a business partner), and I eventually sold all of the kit and got a job in a betting office.

Many years later……

I felt that we needed a ‘proper’ camera for our cruise vacations, so off we went to Curry’s and handed over £199 for a Canon 1200d with a couple of kit lenses and the promise of £20 cashback from Canon (It never happened). Like most/all of my hobbies, I become totally engrossed and start to work out how I can turn it into a income source. I’ve learned to put such ideas to the back of my mind for a couple of weeks, and if they still seem like a good idea, I’ll look into it more. And that where I am today. I’ve made a small amount of cash from my photography which has funded some additional pieces of equipment, whilst still being able to hold down a full time job. So thats a start. My mental calculations tell me that if I spent ‘full time’ hours on my photography then i’d eventually have a full time income. Now to convince the family…..


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